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Rock Royalty 1/1 Custom Guitars are featured on, check out our luxury editorial at

About Rock Royalty Custom Guitars Nashville USA
Based out of Music City, Rock Royalty is a luxury design house dedicated to manufacturing the finest and most exclusive custom guitars in the world. The custom guitars are one-of-a-kind creations designed for the most discriminating musicians, guitar collectors, and jewelry aficionados that can be played on-stage or featured at home as a fine piece of art. Combining optimal musical performance with fine aesthetic beauty, Rock Royalty has skillfully engineered patent-pending designs that focus on jewel-encrusted guitar hardware and accessories. Designs incorporate only the finest gemstones, precious metals, and exotic materials. Rock Royalty also manufactures the Kaged Guitar Collection with guitars custom wrapped in exotic animal skins (i.e. alligator, sting ray) and then framed in a high-polish stainless steel cage. All Kaged Guitars contain Rock Royalty’s jewel-encrusted hardware and accessories that compliment the guitar’s exotic wrap motif. Rock Royalty’s production is extremely limited as all designs are handmade in the Nashville design studio. For more information, visit Rock Royalty’s Custom Design Shop located at 4121 Hillsboro Road, Nashville, TN, call (615) 669-7776, e-mail or log onto

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